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Brand identity, Digital design

Brand identity design and web design for a family business of tech and marketing professionals.

Saban World logo by Ollala design

The idea behind the visual identity of SabanWorld was to create a unique and strong brand that is adaptable for the sub-brands of the company.

The original concept of the family business was to work with different sub-brands for the different activities like marketing, development, and design.

We created a visual identity for the parent brand, SabanWorld and built a system that gives the possibility to create different but visually connected identity variations for the sub-brands. The result is a minimalist, clean, and consistent viusal identity that creates one unique brand identity with the sub-brands.

Saban World logo white
Saban World logo black
Saban website mockup
Saban business card design mockup

The bold typography, the strong brand colours, and the clean layout give a contemporary look to the visual identity.

Flexible brand for Saban World
Saban World brand
Saban website on mobile
Saban website about page
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