Visual identity, Digital design

Visual identity and digital design for the first self-service luggage storage & coworking space in Budapest.

Airspace logo by Ollala design

Airspace is a place where travellers can feel safe, unwind, recharge and get connected.

Airspace reflects global taste, welcoming visitors through a sort of generative familiarity and functional seamlessness. It is a space to get away from the daily rollercoaster, to zoom out and experience a different perspective.

In our design concept, we compared Airspace to a space capsule: A space to protect the astronaut’s body, supply him with food, water and air, and preserve their belongings. The (space) traveller exists in a space capsule in anti-gravity and weightlessness. This metaphor served as the foundation of our design process.

Airspace logo by Ollala design
Airspace logo on blue
Airspace icon

The Airspace logo gains its character from the customized letter shapes. The characters are complemented with rounded serifs, which suggest a stronger connection and dynamic between them. This gesture reflects the key element in Airspace’s operation, namely providing facilities that help travellers to connect better both to the city and to each other.

For cases when the horizontal format of the logo type is not applicable, like a smartphone app, a logo icon was created. This is the combination of the letter of “a” from the Airspace logo and the encompassing blob shape.

Airspace moodboard

The minimalist aesthetic of the brand captures the seamless and joyful experience that Airspace provides for travellers.

From the concept of a safe, flexible, personalized space, the blob shape was created as a crucial part of the visual identity. The shape is used by all platforms and gives a fun and human feel to the clean geometric design.

Airspace web
Airspace web
Airspace web
Airspace web
Airspace web

Airspace wanted to stand out with its fresh and clean design from the visual pollution of the city.

The tones of fun blue and persian green resemble the colour scheme of the Northern Lights, which may give the viewer a feeling of surprise, beauty and peacefulness. These colours create a calm, relaxing atmosphere, yet they provide a young and fresh look while maintaining consistency with the scandinavian style of minimalist interior.

The Averta font family has been chosen, designed by Kostas Bartsokas, for presenting textual components of the Airspace visual communication system. The typeface is characterised by a pure geometric design that is simple, clean and legible, while at the same time cheerful and fresh in appearance. The typeface has extensive language support, making it adaptable for global communication needs.

Airspace Business cards
Airspace citylight
Airspace brandbook
Airspace brandbook inside
Airspace brandbook inside
Airspace brandbook

The custom-made icon set is a crucial part of Airspace’s identity on all platforms.

In accordance with the principles of friendly and modern looks combined with accessibility, we created a set of icons that give immediate visual clues next to the text, making visual communication more fluent. Moreover, they help global citizens overcome possible language difficulties, making the overall legibility of the communication materials clearer. At the same time, their simplicity and clarity ensure the lightness and serenity of the visual identity.

Airspace icon set

The automated luggage storage operates with a self-service terminal and a mobile application.

We designed the user interface of both applications which are used by travelers from all over the world. During the design process, our focus was on functionality and ultimate intelligibility in order to create an effortless user experience.

With the smart use of colors, illustrations, and icons the applications guide the user seamlessly through the reservation process.

Airspace terminal

photo by Adrián Jurics

Airspace terminal screen
Airspace terminal screens
Airspace mobile app






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